Pupusa Crawl Along Beverly

The Pupusa

For the month of January, I’d like to revisit Salvadoran restaurants along Beverly for pupusas. Pupusas are thick tortillas stuffed with a variety of things but usually at least cheese.  I love the cabbage slaw (curtido) that comes with it.


Saturday, January 22

11 a.m. Atlacatl

301 N. Berendo St., LA 90004


12 Noon El Chipilin

4170 Beverly Blvd., LA 90004


12:45 La Nueva Flor Blanca

4271 Beverly Blvd., LA 90004


1:30 El Carbonero

4281 Beverly Blvd., LA 90004


2 p.m. Jaragua

4493 Beverly Blvd., LA 90004


This is a cash-friendly crawl (approximately less than $2 a pupusa). As always, Minty crawlers can come and go as they please but I would love it if you joined for the entire crawl. I’ve been to Atlacatl, El Carbonero and Jaragua but I’ll let you decide who has the best pupusa in town!


Please RSVP so I know you’re coming!