San Francisco Flashback: Musee Mechanique

I’ve always wondered about the crab places at Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco. Who has the best? What about those cold salads? Or should I just buy one to take my chances?

out of the box and into hot water

Maybe I should stick with Boiling Crab.

Fisherman’s Wharf

Pier 39

San Francisco, CA 94101

Musee Mechanique

Your better bet for a tourist adventure would be going to the Musee Mechanique which is one of my favorite museums. I love coin-operated machinery. I used to collect pressed pennies (smashed, elongated pennies) and still have thousands. The Musee has a few of these machines (as do most touristy spots) but they also have all these wonderful old-fashioned picture views and other fun stuff.

Thimble Theatre

I like how well-preserved this Thimble Theatre machine was.

The Circus is always in town!

This giant machine shows every aspect of the circus. For just a coin or two, you can make the whole thing come “alive.”

neat colors

Who's stronger?

There’s a machine from my childhood that I haven’t seen in a long time. I used to beg for the balloons from the machine at Sears from my grandfather. I wish the Musee had one. Coming here is like being a kid again.

Check out more pictures in my flickr set.

Musee Mechanique

Pier 45
45 Pier, San Francisco, CA 94133
(415) 346-2000