Beverly Hills: Saffron

I was invited to check out Saffron Indian in Beverly Hills in January for a special night. Their Executive Chef Bhupender Singh was in town. I’m familiar with the fast casual eatery in Downtown LA and this Beverly Hills location opened last year. It’s a bit different as this is a stand-alone and not in a food court in a corporate skyscrapper. However, the menu is expanded from streamlined DTLA menu.You have essentially two options- vegetarian or chicken but so  many different ways to enjoy the two.

lassi bar

The Lassi bar already made this place special to me. I love that idea.

special eats

Executive Chef Singh normally works in the Bay area where he co-owns Ambrosia Indian Bistro (with locations in Monterey and Aptos) but had just flown in from India. He served eats usually served at his fine dining restaurant. We enjoyed sausage, the most delicate fish and lamb chops. All were really good and I started wondering if Saffron could put this on their regular menu. At least the sausage and fish. Sausage naan-wich?

chicken curry & saag

chicken tikka masala & channa masala

On this night we were invited to choose from chicken curry, chicken tikka masala, saag and channa masala. My friend and I got one of everything. I really liked the saag and wouldn’t mind any of the chicken curries. The garlic naan was very fresh.


230 South Beverly Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90212
(310) 248-5211