Border Grill Truck Now Serving Burritos

burrito menu

For some reason I’ve never written about the Border Grill Truck, a favorite among many. I have talked about their various restaurants and even the Border Grill Stop but never the truck.

Recently, I attended a concert at the Broad Stage with the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra. It was part of their food and music concerts and featured Border Grill Chef Susan Feniger. Naturally, the truck was there to feed hungry concert goers.

green corn tamale

The deconstructed green corn tamale is one of the truck’s best sellers.

Yucatan pork

At $6.85, the burritos are a deal. They’re quite filling and I even added guacamole ($1.50 upcharge). The pork was incredibly juicy. I only wish I took a picture of it cut in half so you can see the beautiful colors of the rice, beans and even pieces of orange. It was very juicy so an extra handful of napkins may be required!

root beer

I washed everything down with a root beer.

churro tots

It’s been great to have the churro tots at the restaurants but there was something special about having them off the truck, where they originated from. Before you knew it, we headed inside to catch the funny stories from Chef Susan. One of her favorite bands, Ozomatli was in attendance. I wonder what they thought of LACO? I particularly loved the harpist and the easy camaderie of the musicians playing the final piece.

Food and music go hand in hand as evidenced by this night.

Border Grill Truck



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