Eat.Drink.Americano Now Open in Downtown LA

Eat.Drink.Americano’s open kitchen

Eat.Drink.Americano opened last week in the Arts District of Downtown Los Angeles in the former Cafe Metropol space. It’s in the same building as R23 Sushi. Having not been to Cafe Metropol before, I’m not sure what changes were made but I liked the design of Eat.Drink.Americano. The handpainted walls and huge chandelier of bottles were focal points as well as the open kitchen next to the bar. Currently Eat.Drink.Americano. serves beer and wine with their selection of meat, cheese, small plates and shareable bites.

charcuterie slicer

meat and cheese

I helped myself to a little plate of meat and cheese next to the slicer. A sign of a good night must be a bottle of wine along with good snacks. We were off to a good start.



Next, I had a series of small bites including the ceviche which will change with availability and the season.

crab roll with cauliflower

I tried the crab roll which I found a tad salty. I did like the vegetables including the cauliflower.

duck crostini with housemade pickles

One of my favorite bites was the duck crostini with the housemade pickles.

beef tartare with mustard ice cream

The much talked about beef tartare with the mustard ice cream was a crowd favorite. You are to spread the mustard ice cream all over the tartare. I would have liked the tartare to have been chopped a bit more finely.

oxtail slider

My very favorite bite of the night though was the oxtail slider. Rich and comforting, this slider deserves a beer to go with it. Good thing Eat.Drink.Americano. was up to the task of pairing it.

Downtown is truly an exciting place to be at these days. It seems every corner of it is seeing its share of new eateries and bars. Eat.Drink.Americano. fills that gastropub and comfort food void in the Arts District. It’s going to be a great neighborhood hang out.


923 E 3rd St., Los Angeles, CA 90012 — (213) 620-0781

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