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Minty Events

Events Index of Minty Food & Booze Crawls Chinatown Crawl – April 2012 Hot Bartenders in Hollywood – February 2012 Fried Chicken Crawl in Culver City – December 2011 Fireplace Crawl – November… Continue reading

Battle of the Saag: New Delhi VS Lal Mirch

That would be saag, not sag. Battle of the sag would be entirely different (and not funny) matter. I didn’t grow up eating spicy food. It wasn’t until college when I had Indian… Continue reading

One Bowl Meals: Cham, Lemongrass & Ramenya

Despite my many recent multi-course meals, there’s nothing like a simple one-bowl meal. Recently, I tried out Cham for the first time and had some happy return visits to Lemongrass and Ramenya. Cham… Continue reading

Gourmet Vegetarian

Last week, I went veg. Well, only for a night. My mother became a (not-very-strict) vegetarian a few years ago and she wanted to try this fancy pants Chinese veggie place. At least… Continue reading

Northern Chinese Beef Roll Crawl with the Uncouth Gourmands

When the Uncouth Gourmands asked me to organize a food crawl for them, I simply told them, “Yes. March.” This past Sunday, over 15 arrived ready to tackle on the Shandong beef roll.… Continue reading

WeHo Delights: Obar and Hamburger Mary’s

Last Saturday started out low-key. I had lunch at Litz and then was planning to meet up with some people for Happy Hour at Obar. However, I ended up going down to Huntington… Continue reading