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Thai Town: Noodles at Sapp Coffee Shop

  I love noodles and the best boat noodles I’ve ever found is the bowl at Sapp Coffee Shop. The broth is amazing and everyone knows it. It’s not a new find and… Continue reading

Thaitown: Late Night Eats at Sanamluang Cafe

  Clearly the thing to do after bar hopping in East Hollywood is to hit up one of Thaitown’s mainly late night spots. On this night, we chose Sanamluang Cafe. I’ve only been… Continue reading

SGV: Boat Noodles at Hoy-Ka

A couple weeks back, I checked out Hoy-Ka Thai Noodle in Monterey Park for lunch. After all the name changes and moving around, I’m not actually sure I’ve been to any of their… Continue reading