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DTLA: Pupusas at La Cabana

I’ve been eying La Cabana for a while. I love pupusas and wanted to try another spot in DTLA since La Union seems to have disappeared. They have an A-rating by the health… Continue reading

DTLA: Aladdin’s Coffee Shop

  In my quest to find a good affordable lunch around my office in South Park, Downtown Los Angeles, I stumbled upon Aladdin’s Coffee Shop. Owned by Salvadorans for 30+ years, Aladdin’s Coffee… Continue reading

Pretty Please, Pupusa Crawl Along Beverly

The Pupusa Crawl along Beverly was the first Minty crawl of the year. I originally had five stops on the list but we made it to four. I think we made a wise… Continue reading

Pupusa Crawl Along Beverly

For the month of January, I’d like to revisit Salvadoran restaurants along Beverly for pupusas. Pupusas are thick tortillas stuffed with a variety of things but usually at least cheese.  I love the… Continue reading

DTLA: Lunching at La Union

On Monday, I asked a coworker if she wanted to get lunch. The following was the actual conversation: “Hey, did you bring lunch?” “No, did you?” “No, but let’s go to lunch!” “Where… Continue reading