DTLA: Pupusas at La Cabana

chicarron & lorocco pupusas

chicarron & lorocco pupusas

I’ve been eying La Cabana for a while. I love pupusas and wanted to try another spot in DTLA since La Union seems to have disappeared. They have an A-rating by the health inspectors so there’s that.

Once we ordered, the pupusas were delivered after about 20 minutes. We hoped it was worth the wait. I was eating with a Salvadoran friend and she immediately didn’t like the look of the masa. It seemed fine to me, if a bit thick. I was more concerned about the fillings. My lorocco one barely had any of the herb I liked and it was more or less cheese. And the cheese was very mild, rather like mozarella. My body later reminded me how lactose intolerant I am. Every now and then my lactose issues surface. I guess you can say this cheese must have been full fat!

On the other hand, we both liked the pork-based ones. I am glad I just got chicharron and not a revuleta (pork, cheese, beans) since my body probably would have quit on me.

I also had some issues with the curtido which tasted strongly of oregano. The cabbage and carrots were cut rather thickly. My friend said it should have been more finely shredded. I also thought it was odd they charge a fee if you want extra curtido. Most places I’ve been feature a huge jar of it on the table.



The highlight of the meal were the plantains with sweet cream and beans. We had actually ordered this as an appetizer but it showed up after the pupusas. The plantains were nicely sweet and a bit of the cream and beans went a long way.

Cola Champagne

Cuzcatlan Cola Champagne

Oh, and if you want an immediate reason to visit the dentist, try this Salvadoran sweet soda. This Cuzcatlan Cola Champagne probably has more sugar than a regular Coca Cola but that doesn’t seem to deter anyone. I stuck with a tamarindo agua fresca.

Overall, I saw people slurping down soups and they also have some Mexican items on their menu including tacos. Maybe it’s time for another pupusa crawl.

Restaurante Salvadorena Cabana (La Cabana)

1003 S Hill St., Los Angeles, CA 90015  —  (213) 746-6122
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