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Beverly Hills: Nate ‘N Al’s

When I ran the Pico Kosher Crawl, I really wanted to do just a Jewish deli crawl. I wanted to explore more Jewish foods and recently I tried Nate ‘N Al’s in Beverly… Continue reading

MacArthur Park: My New Favorite Pastrami Combo at Langer’s

The #19 is the most famous Langer’s sandwich. It is pastrami, cole slaw, Swiss cheese and Russian dressing. I started ordering the #1 which is all of that minus the cheese. However, whenever… Continue reading

Pastrami Dreams: Langer’s Deli

This week I was telling someone about my love for pastrami. Like most Angelenos, I love Langer’s. However, I have been trying to give up dairy. I continue to eat dairy sporadically but… Continue reading