Beverly Hills: Nate ‘N Al’s

chopped herring salad

When I ran the Pico Kosher Crawl, I really wanted to do just a Jewish deli crawl. I wanted to explore more Jewish foods and recently I tried Nate ‘N Al’s in Beverly Hills. We ordered a few appetizers including chopped herring salad, kishka with gravy and smoked whitefish. We also had pickles and plenty of nicely toasted rye bread.

stuffed kishka


I found the chopped herring pleasing but was confused by the kishka. It is essentially a “bread” sausage. It’s like eating stuffing from Thanksgiving but it’s been rolled. It’s very comforting.

smoked white fish

The New York


I am a pastrami (p)fan and (p)fiend. I ordered the New York (pastrami, Cole slaw, Russian dressing) which I found pretty good with its many layers of thinly shaved pastrami. I prefer the thick cut Langer’s more though. Speaking of Langer’s, they are celebrating 65 years this weekend by opening both Friday and Saturday nights and giving away free #19s.

I ordered more Cole slaw as a side and asked for sauerkraut to stick in my sandwich. I like that tartness and crunch of the pickled cabbage and slaw together. Pretty soon the bread gave out from all the juice but I soldiered on.

I found Nate ‘N Al’s to be pleasant and a good way to further my Jewish food education. I’d like to go back to see how their kreplach and matzo ball soups taste. Or perhaps I’d just order a chicken-in-a-pot. The stuffed cabbage also looks good to me. Oddly, though Nate ‘N Al’s is in Beverly Hills, the prices are fairly reasonable.


Nate ‘N Al’s Delicatessen

414 N Beverly Dr., Beverly Hills, CA 90210 — (310) 274-0101
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