Little Tokyo: Japanese Bento Box at Oomasa

tonkatsu with sushi, sashimi and California rolls


There is no shortage of good Japanese restaurants in Little Tokyo but while I’ve been off trying the latest and greatest, I had forgotten about the charming restaurants that have been in Little Tokyo for years and years. I had been either going to Starry Kitchen (when it’s open for dinner) or Blue Cow before a show at the Music Center or Disney Hall. Last weekend, I wanted to go to Little Tokyo for an old favorite, Oomasa, before catching Los Otros at the Mark Taper Forum.

perfect tonkatsu

Oomasa has a sushi bar but it seems most opt for tables or booths. We grabbed a booth in the back and I decided the combination meals were the best value. Normally I shy away from such things because they’re never as good as you think they are but at Oomasa, the $13 I was about to spend on the pork katsu (breaded fried pork loin) that came with miso soup, salad, 2 pieces of a California roll, several pieces of sushi and sashimi plus rice, pickles, orange slices, macaroni salad and a generous scoop of green tea cream– basically it screamed to be ordered. My friend ordered the same thing except with teriyaki chicken. For those who scorn such things because they think it’s not good, think again. The tonkatsu was perfectly fried and moist. And my friend really enjoyed her chicken.

Was the sushi quality the best? Nope, but it wasn’t bad. I enjoyed the simple, well-cooked meal. If you want just sushi, they have a sister restaurant, Komasa. That’s the place to sit at the counter though. I like the quality of fish better at Hama or even better yet, Sushi Gen.


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