DTLA: Blue Cow Kitchen


She woke up abruptly. Her agent was speaking to her.Casa darling, it’s time for a new role.”

“But all I know is playing the Latin lady…”

“I know Casa, but this is a dream role- young, fresh, wholesome. It’s perfect for you.”

“What do I have to do. What’s the part?”

“We’ll strip off the city from you. You’ll be going back to nature. Think and eat happy. Think Blue Cow.”

Rum Manhattan


“Give me something to drink.”

“Here darling, try this Rum Manhattan.”

“Oh, it’s smooth. I like it. But what about…”

“Yes, you can still get your Casa margarita. But please try to embrace your new role.”

“I don’t know about this- where are my lovely white orbs?”

“Don’t you like the plaid?”

“Well, it’s different. No more tinkling stars. But the farmhouse…yes, yes! I think I remember. I can do this.”

Pink Eggs & Ham

Duck Wings


“This is good. These pink deviled eggs.” “Say it with me, ‘pink eggs and ham!'”

“And what are these? Duck wings?”

“Yes, only the best for you.”

Lamb lavash


“Lamb lavash? Oh help…”

“Darling, darling…just think of them like tacos.”

“Oh yes, like tacos but better, I think. No, these are more like sopes?”

“That’s it, darling. That’s it.”

Vietnamese Chicken Noodle Salad


“This is really quite different! Chicken…noodles?”

“And don’t forget the Vietnamese herbs. Did you always say you wanted to travel the world?”

“And now I can in a bowl.”

Herradura Anejo "house barrel aged" cocktail


“Could I get that margarita now?”

“No, darling. Why don’t you try something new.”

“More new things?”

“Yes, but it’s tequila. And it’s even better, more mellow. It’s barrel aged.”

“Oh, this is…this is it!”

“Welcome home, darling. Welcome to Blue Cow.”


Blue Cow Kitchen

350 S Grand Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90071  —  (213) 621-2249


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