Mixtape Mixlogy at Big Bar

Flo's Lipstick

I’ve been meaning to check out Big Bar for ages. I went about a year back but couldn’t find a seat at the bar. A couple of weeks ago, I made sure to arrive early for the lady bartenders were taking over their Mixtape Mixology night with Sino Tequila. There were two cocktails on special that evening; Flo’s Lipstick by Rosie and Spicy Mama by Flo. Rosie was inspired by Flo’s beet red lipstick when she created the beet and tequila cocktail. And Flo said Rosie is undeniably a “Spicy Mama.”

Spicy Mama

Spicy Mama- Sino Tequila, Aperol, pineapple, coconut, lime, cayenne salt

Flo’s Lipstick- SinoTequila, beets, ginger, lime, agave

I just couldn’t decide which one I liked more. The Spicy Mama had a healthy kick and your lips tingled after getting a bit of the cayenne salt rim. Flo’s Lipstick was perfectly balanced and although it’s made with one of my favorite savory vegetables, I wouldn’t put it in a category of a Bloody Mary. It was unique to me.

sweet potato fries - the bowl is as big as the large salad bowl

We shared some snacks at the bar. The sweet potato fries arrived in a giant bowl- the same size bowl as the entree salad bowl. If only we had 4 more friends with us.

roasted vegetable salad with shrimp

I’ve been eating more salads lately and got the roasted vegetable salad and added grilled shrimp to it. I loved that it came with dress on the side but unfortunately I tossed all of it in at once. Ooops. Still, I just washed down my greens with another cocktail!

Cynar Sour

Cynar is one of my fave amari and I loved it as a sour. There’s also a bit of Overholt rye as well.

I plan to come back and try the Mrs. Roper (Beefeater gin, Carpano Antica, Campari, grapefruit) which I wonder is their Negroni but with grapefruit? The Harvest Moon (Laird’s applejack, Amaro Nonino, Lillet, house-pressed apple) sounds like an Autumnal drink but with our crazy weather, it’s perfect all seasons. For something boozy, I’d try the Noni Bobble (Famous Grouse Scotch, apricot brandy, East India sherry). Actually, maybe I need to come back another few times as there are at least 3 or 4 other cocktails I want to try!

Keep up with all the Mixtape Mixology nights via Big Bar’s Facebook page or listen to the mixes on Mixtape Mixology. The nights seem to be Thursdays but occasionally there are special mixes like yesterday’s Easter mix.

Mixtape MixologyHey Ladies edition

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