Event Recap: Angeleno Magazine’s Live & Dine in LA

Plan Check –  fried chicken


Recently Angeleno Magazine celebrated their Annual Restaurant Awards with Live & Dine LA, a party at the Fairmont Miramar. Some of the award winners brought their best dishes including Plan Check‘s fried chicken. It was pretty amazing to me they were able to keep the chicken crispy at a food festival. Considering the ones I’ve been too, Angeleno’s event is one of my favorites because the lines are not too long and there’s plenty to go around to everyone.

FIG – pork taco


Resident restaurant FIG lined their booth with sheets of pork skin one could break off to eat and served pork tacos.

Freddy Smalls – charcuterie


Over at Freddy Smalls, they were serving Carpano Antica sweet vermouth and soda along with sausage and a slice of potted meat. It was one of my faves of the night.

Blind Barber


I have heard so much about Blind Barber and when I spotted the hot bartenders, we rushed over to try a cocktail or two.

Blind Barber – Strawberry Fields

Blind Barber – Hot Heather


My friend had the Strawberry Fields (Stoli vodka, lemon, honey, strawberries, parsley) and I had the Hot Heather (Milagro tequila, lemon, amber agave, grapefruit, ginger, pineapple). We both enjoyed our drinks.

Pali House – chicken pot pie

Pali House – peanut butter mousse


I hadn’t been to Pali House before so it was a treat to try their miniature chicken pot pie and decadent peanut butter mousse dessert.

Post & Beam – short ribs


Another restaurant I haven’t tried is Post & Beam. We had their short ribs. It was interesting to see short ribs making a come back after the offal-licious and daring foods from previous food fests. I didn’t see any octopus whatsoever here.

Tar & Roses – chicken oysters

Tar & Roses – Pig’s tail

After sampling the chicken oysters and pig’s tail from Tar & Roses, I’d like to check out the restaurant in Santa Monica. I thought their offerings were quite daring and the pig’s tail was a massive portion. It almost seemed pre-historic compared to the other pig’s tail dishes I’ve had around town.

Kitchit- Meg Hall


Kitchit, a catering service that brings chefs to cook in your home. The host can pick themes and the chefs do all the shopping, prep and cooking. The service started earlier this year in L.A. and at the Live & Dine LA event, they invited everyone to to try some dishes. The first thing I had was a pulled pork ribs from Chef Meg Hall.

Kitchit – ceviche

Kitchit – arancini

Kitchit – short ribs

It was nice to sit down to try a number of dishes including ceviche, arancini and the short ribs. It did feel like a party with the festive flowers and neat decor. I explored their website and the prices aren’t too unreasonable. It would be like dining in a restaurant but in the comfort of your own home.


Short Order – chicken wings

We missed a few spots like Picca Peru, Blue Cow and Coolhaus but I go there often enough and I know I’ll eventually get back to try the favorites.

We got the chicken wings from Short Order and once again I was reminded how I still haven’t written about the place. I’ll have to get back there soon.

Il Covo – short ribs


And amazingly, I haven’t been to Il Covo yet. It was good to try their short ribs (see, I told you short ribs were making a come back!).

Cooks County – Huckleberry


Over at Cooks County, another spot I have to try, they were serving huckleberry meringues and blueberry ice cream. It was a beautiful way to end our fun food fest.


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