West LA: Dessert & Cocktails at Plan Check

Dan at Plan Check


After dinner at Miyata Menji Ramen, we went up the street to Plan Check for dessert and drinks.



Although it was a Wednesday night and not quite prime dinner hour, the place was packed. We were told we could get a drink at the bar and hang out on the patio but all the seats on the patio were also taken. Eventually a couple of bar stools opened up and we plopped ourselves down with the intention of getting the donuts everyone seemed to be enjoying.

Cruller donuts


The three donuts were piping hot and had loads of cream and sliced bananas. My friend wanted a touch more cinnamon but I found them perfect as they were. We’ll have to go back to try the other desserts namely the ice cream sandwiches.

High and Low


I’ve been hearing a lot about the cocktail list from Steve Livigni and Pablo Moix, the guys behind the lists at La Descarga, Black Market and Harvard and Stone. They also created the list for Blue Cow which I will be checking out soon and the upcoming Pour Vous. In particular, everyone seems to really like the Godzilla (Pisco Porton, Midori, Orgeat, lemon, lime). However, I’m allergic to honeydew melon which is what Midori is made of. It’s my only allergy so I had to avoid it.

I did try the Ronin (Sazerac rye, Remy VS cognac, Benedictine, bitters) which is more my speed anyway. Dan, our bartender, was very friendly and when we asked him about the burgers, he said he liked PCB (Plan Check Burger) which is cheeseburger. I can see why. While the Bleuprint burger and Chef’s burger sounded interesting with pig candy and ketchup leather, I know I would want to try a regular burger first.

Later I was trying to decide between the High & Low (Zaya rum, Fino sherry, Cointreau, grenadine) and the Chiapas (Chai-infused Herradura tequila, almond milk, all spice dram, bitters). The other bartender recommended I go with the High & Low. Though sweeter than Chiapas, it was apparently a good follow up to the Ronin. I’ll have to get the Chiapas next time. It sounds like Chai tea and maybe would have gone great with our rapidly disappearing donuts.

I’d like to come back to try the smokey fried chicken with okra and pastrami nosh with kimchi mustard sounded interesting. I definitely want to try the Little Osaka Sour (Woodford Reserve bourbon, plum wine, lemon, egg white, sugar), Spaghetti Western (Vida mezcal, tapatio, red bell pepper, lime, beer, agave) or the Bento Box (Brugal rum, Licor 43, nigori sake, bitters).


Plan Check Bar

1800 Sawtelle Blvd., West Los Angeles, CA 90025 — (310) 288-6500
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