West LA: Miyata Menji Ramen Now Open

Miyata Menji Ramen

Miyata Menji Ramen opened officially yesterday in the old GR/Eats space. Miyata feels very quirky and homey. Very Japanese. They have a display case of bread that you’re welcome to grab a few pieces yourself.

With a menu of only two items, my dining companion joked she had become an immediate expert. You have a choice of tonkotsu ramen or tsukemen. Never being a fan of noodles out of broth (I’m looking at you, tsukemen), I opted for the tonkotsu ramen which is a good thing as that’s my favorite kind of ramen broth. Topped with terisyabu (teriyaki beef) and diced tomatoes (which you can add more of each for either $2 or $1 respectively), this ramen wasn’t like any bowl I’ve had before. Beef with ramen? Not pork? No egg? No bamboo shoots? And the tomatoes? On a lark, I ordered more tomatoes and got a ramekin full.


extra tomatoes

I did worry a bit about not having enough beef but it turned out the very filling broth did its job and I never felt lacking. Actually, maybe the tomatoes were good at cutting through some of that fatty broth for the acid helped keep the flavors from getting too muddy.

noodles in ramen

The ramen had a nice bite. I felt like I was eating in someone’s home. The broth was very familiar, like what you would make yourself but better.

I started seeing the tsukemen come out to other tables. Maybe I would order it next time. But definitely without the cheese. That’s dangerously close to Japanese spaghetti territory and I’m not ready for that yet.

how to eat tsukemen

Miyata has signs posted on how to eat the tsukemen all over the place (including the restroom). The restroom also features mouthwash, mints and earswabs. Ah, that homey feeling again.

Bonus! They have a few parking spaces out front. No more hunting around Sawtelle for a spot.

I liked my bowl very much but I’m not sure how I feel about a menu of only two items. Maybe they’ll add some specials later on. C’mon, doesn’t anyone else want gyoza?

Miyata Menji Ramen

2050 Sawtelle Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90025 — (310) 312-3929
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