Scottsdale: Big Earl’s BBQ

Big Earl's BBQ


The first day I arrived in Scottsdale for Arizona Cocktail Week, I wandered around Old Town Scottsdale looking for a place to eat. I hadn’t been in over 8 years and the Old Town had changed a bit. Quite a few places looked packed with an early happy hour crowd and there was live music at the park. Unfortunately, the nearest restaurant wasn’t doing happy hour yet so I kept wandering until I got to Big Earl’s BBQ. It was quiet around 4 p.m. so I grabbed a booth to myself and immediately got an iced tea. Hydration I knew would be key for the opening night of Cocktail Week.

BBQ sauces

I must have not gotten my fill of barbeque in Austin when I decided on Big Earl’s. I asked what they’re famous for and the server replied the brisket and the St. Louis style ribs.

Fine, bring them on. I hadn’t eaten all day despite the short flight to Phoenix/Scottsdale.

The meats are dry rubbed and smoked. You add sauce if you please. I kept trying both the original and the spicy to see which I liked best. The spicy wasn’t hot at all, more vinegary. I decided I liked the original sauce for the brisket and felt the tarter spicy sauce was good to cut the fat of the St. Louis style ribs.

As for the sides, I opted for corn bread and coleslaw. The cornbread was pretty good but I thought the slaw needed some oomph.

Overall, this ‘cue wasn’t as good as it was in Texas but it’d do if you wanted something away from the crowds.

Big Earl’s BBQ

7213 E 1st Ave., Scottsdale, AZ 85251 — (480) 947-6800
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