Ludobites 8.0 at Lemon Moon

Burgundy Gourgeres


Ludobites 8.0 was at Lemon Moon in West LA. It’s come and gone and even the 9.0 run in Hawaii is done. Which I’m hoping means the next installment of Ludobites will come back to LA very soon. In the meantime, let’s have a look back at the 8.0 meal I had bad in mid-February.

Chicken Tandoori Crackling


I have been going to Chef Ludo Lefebvre’s pop-ups since his second installment back at Breadbar years ago. After the third one, I was never able to make reservations for myself and just put it out to the Universe I wanted to go. Somehow, I always managed to find a spot. The Lefebvres partnered with Urbanspoon for this run to provide the reservations. Everyone entered a lottery and waited for a text to see if they got a dinner reservation. As it so happened, I didn’t even though I put in what I thought was a crazy amount of days I was available. This time around, there was a walk-in option and I was going to attempt it. But the Universe came through again and a friend asked me to join his reservation.

sweet shrimp, miso cream, beans, smoked salmon

lobster salad, yuzu, honey


The Burgundy gourgeres and chicken tandoori cracklings (we were told to get two orders of this for our table of four) hit the table. It was a strong start with liver. This Ludobites meal was heavily liver-centric and part of the proceeds from the foie gras dish benefitted CHEFS (Coalition for Humane & Ethical Farming Standards). This was to help the foie fight (unfortunately yes, California is set to ban foie gras beginning in July).

I could not decide if I liked the sweet shrimp or the lobster salad more. Probably equally as much with a slight edge to the lobster salad. Both displayed the seafood’s inherent sweetness, something only the very best fresh seafood has.

black truffle scrambled eggs

If I had millions of dollars, I would have black truffle scrambled eggs every day. But since I don’t, this one night was a spectacular example of how I believe you can eat breakfast foods any time of the day or night.

celery root soup, foie gras, mushrooms, ash

big eye tuna, Tahitian vanilla, somen, 7-flavor vinaigrette


I think I will have to implement at least one bowl of soup per couple for future meals. Soup is so hard to share and especially when it contains things like foie gras. Gimme! Gimme all the foie! Now!

I have seen Ludo play with somen through the years. This big eye tuna version was great.

monkfish liver, cucumber, cornichons, mustard seeds

steamed foie gras in apple cider, apple tapioca, buckwheat


More liver dishes hit the table. Everyone had been raving to me about the monkfish liver which is already a superb product. This was delicate and I really enjoyed the fine crust on it. The steamed foie gras was interesting to me. It made the liver so much more delicate than a more standard seared foie gras dish.

squid ink rice pudding, squid, lardo, kumquats

Thai snapper, eucalyptus oil, potato, leeks, manzanilla

Ah, more seafood love. While we enjoyed the squid, our table disgusted each other with our newly blackened grins of delight. I loved the greens Chef Ludo picked for this dish.

One of my favorite dishes of the night was the Thai snapper with the eucalyptus oils. Such a thought-provoking entree for a relatively simple dish.

veal, black olive tapenade crust, orange carmelized endive, clementine beurre blanc


By this point, we were already so full so we skipped dessert and considered the lamb and steak our “sweet” something. The veal with its black olive tapenade piqued my curiosity as I tend to cook with olive tapenade. Of course Ludo cooked it better than me.

hanger steak, red beets, shallots, goat cheese

bite of steak

Hidden beneath shaved beets was a nice hunk of hanger steak. Goat cheese provided a mild backdrop for the juicy steak.


foie's best friend wine


For our meal, we enjoyed a wine dubbed “foie’s best friend.” The white wine wasn’t too light and stood up to many of the liver dishes while didn’t overpower the seafood. We later switched to a half carafe of red for our meatier dishes. It was a night of friendship and foie gras.

Pictured: White- 2009 Cazin Cour-Cheverny Cuvee Renaissance, Romorantin, Loire, France


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