Ludobites 007

Jamaican fried chicken, chicken skin

The last three or so Ludobites runs have been so popular that I haven’t been able to make reservations. But luckily for me, friends always seems to have an open seat. This meant heading over last Tuesday at Gram & Papa’s (home of two other Ludobites runs). After some conversation, we decided to order the entire menu– all 16 items.

bouillabaise milkshake, piment d'espelette

I was with a friend who is allergic to shellfish so unfortunately she didn’t get to taste most of the menu. By default, I got her share a lot. I was quite happy with this as I love seafood.

The Jamaican fried chicken wasn’t very fried, actually. Instead the skin was very tender. I make exceptions for chicken wings (usually I discard skin— shhhh, I know, I know).

The “seafood shake” or the bouillabiase milkshake was actually quite good. I know some people are murmuring “ew” right now but just think of it in a bowl and you got a great cold seafood chowder.

choucroute tart flambee

prawn & scallop ceviche, aji amarillo, red berries

Friend ate the flatbread. I ate the prawn and scallop ceviche. It really is a win win for all.

squid, black ash, chorizo

raw beef, rainbow carrots, shallots

I did steal a bite or two of the raw beef before delighting in the squid with black ash and chorizo. It was just so pretty. It was easily one of my favorites of the night. The squid was so, so luscious.

salt cod panna cotta, whipped fingerling potato, smoked tapioca

egg, sea urchin, caviar, champagne beurre blanc

pig's head compressed and mimolette, barbeque gelee

The next batch featured the salt cod panna cotta, farm fresh egg with sea urchin, caviar, champagne beurre blanc and pig’s head compressed and mimolette with barbeque gelee. I will let you guess which of the three was my favorite. If you said the softly scrambled egg then you supposed correctly. It was simple, fantastic and just good food. Sometimes food is about the best ingredients. On the flip side, I thought the compressed pig’s head was very fun. And I liked the smoked tapioca in the salt cod panna cotta.

plancha tandoor octopus, yogurt, cauliflower, grapefruit

foie gras, corn, coconuts

Next round brought us the plancha tandoori octopus. I really must find another word for “tender.” The only other time I had been impressed by the softness of octopus was knowing it was soaked in olive oil for three days over at Osteria Mozza. The cauliflower slice was very attractive. The last time I saw that was Ludobites 3.0.

The foie gras with corn three ways (shown without the popcorn) was lovely. I enjoyed the baby corn along with the velvety textured foie.

duck, cherry, spicy saucisse, beets, radish

salt crust pork shoulder, Guiness sabayon, imaginary choucroute, green cabbage, curry, mustard oil

The meat dishes of duck and pork were quite welcome by all. When we found the sausage (that’s what she said), a glad cry was heard. Really great cherry sauce. My dining companions left me to finish the pork, my other favorite thing in the world.

epoisse cheese risotto, hazelnut, egg yolk, herb salad

And I left the risotto with its beautiful runny egg yolk for the others. I was so full, I wanted to still be able to have dessert.

lavender tropezienne tart, aloe vera, strawberry

interior of the tropezienne

chocolate cake, chipotle, orange

I have always loved Ludo’s chocolate cake with the chipotle and orange but now I have a new favorite- the lavender tropezienne. I had hoped to get the foie gras chocolate cupcake but alas, it wasn’t my luck this evening. Still, these two desserts rocked.

Thank you, Chef Ludo and Krissy for yet another memorable meal. And thank you my friend J of Hungry Hungry Hungry Hippo for inviting me out.

Ludobites until September 10

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