Happy Hour at the Perch

The Perch's outdoor fireplace


When I first checked out the Perch, they hadn’t started happy hour yet. By the next week, they got with the program and locals and office workers are now flocking to the rooftop Perch. Happy hour runs from 4 to 6 p.m. weekdays.

glass of rose

I got there just after 5:30 and with a few minutes to spare ordered some happy hour wine and noshes.

spicy mixed nuts

cordon bleu poppers

shake and baked drumsticks (frog legs)

Currently the happy hour menu features $5 Kronenberg draft beer, $6 selected wine and $6 “royals” which are shots of liqueur in bubbly (a cure for the common Kir). Next time I’ll have to try a Creme Yvette Violet or blackberry with the bubbles.

The “melange de niox” or spicy mixed nuts were addicting. At some point we poured out the nuts onto a plate for better access. The other three happy hour offerings included a rabbit rillette, frog legs and poppers. I declined the rabbit in favor of frog. And I am glad I did as I really liked the “shake and baked drumsticks.” The batter was incredibly light. The cordon bleu poppers with chicken and proscuitto went well with the tomato remoulade. They weren’t greasy which is sometimes a concern for bar food.

Le Libertine

Marie Antoinette

I was surprised to hear the cocktail list was changing two weeks into the opening. Only the French 64 was still on the menu from the original cocktail list. The list went from four cocktails to six, still priced at $12 a piece. My friend got the Le Libertine and I got the Marie Antoinette.

Le Libertine– a French Manhattan with Maker’s Mark and blackberry creme de mure. It was a little bit too sweet for me.

Marie Antoinette– cognac, Luxardo cherry liquor,  muddled black cherries and jalepenos. I thought the spice would help this cocktail. It was better than the Libertine but still quite sweet.

duck duck goose

We decided to get a bit more food since we were cocktailing now. We ordered the Duck Duck Goose.


Heck yeah mussels! These were wonderfully flavored. I started looking for more bread to sop up the juices and broth.

pork confit

One last dish- the pork confit. Oddly, this dish was too dry for us. I usually love duck confit that is swimming with unctuousness but I only found one fatty piece of pork belly in this dish. I also didn’t quite care for the smushed beans. It wasn’t a bad dish, just not quite what I expected of a confit.


We ended with beignets which were delightful. So much so we got another order.

Jacques Collins

One last cocktail for the night; the Jacques Collins. Ah, I finally found one that wasn’t too sweet. Made with Boudier’s infused saffron gin, this cocktail was also garnished with a few threads of saffron. Like a typical Collins, it’s made with fresh lemon, simple syrup and a splash of soda. It was a gorgeous cocktail to enjoy the warm night and tiny sliver of a moon.

I am looking forward to the Perch refining its menu and cocktail program. I’m interested in coming back for a full dinner. The space and views are absolutely stunning. Check out my previous post for the views.


The Perch

448 S Hill St., Los Angeles, CA 90013 – (213) 802-1770