Burger Culture Clash at Plan Check Recap

Livin’ Extra Large


Blogger Backyard Bite and Stussy sponsored a Burger Clash at Plan Check recently. A special menu was created with lifestyle brand Stussy in mind. To be honest, I was surprised Stussy was involved but it made sense. Always on the cutting edge of style, the brand now sees food as the “it” lifestyle at the moment. Foodies unite!

worldwide tribe fries

Given a choice of beer, juice or a cocktail, I of course, went with a cocktail. The Livin’ Extra Large is mango soda with kaffir lime and Brugal rum. I was especially enchanted by the special kaffir lime ice. You could have a mocktail, Livin’ Large, by not getting the rum but who wants to do that?

We shared the Worldwide tribe fries which were chorizo gravy ries with a fried egg on top. The mild roasted pasilla peppers added a splash of color. And like booze in drinks, a fried egg seems like a must on food these days. What’s the slogan? The incredible, edible egg? Well, this is more than marketing– it just tastes good!


ISB – International Stussy Burger


The International Stussy Burger immediately reminded me of a good bacon burger with BBQ sauce. A certain fast food burger comes to mind but Plan Check’s version is of course more refined. Plan Check’s chef is former Umami corporate Chef Ernesto Uchimura.

stoopid fresh donuts

I was so in love with the donuts last time that I was looking forward to the stoopid fresh donuts. As it turns out, my non-sweet tooth protested just a bit. With raisin frosting, cereal milk ice cream and carmelized cornflakes, this was a dessert loved by dessert fiends.

Thanks again to Backyard Bite and Stussy for a great Burger Clash.

Bonus shots!

Little Osaka Sour


Little Osaka Sour– Woodford Reserve bourbon, plum wine, lemon, egg white, sugar

Veggie burger


For the non-meat eaters, Plan Check has a veggie burger with a portabello mushroom patty.


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