Santa Monica: Sonoma Wine Garden



After Santa Monica Place opened, I had intended go back to Sonoma Wine Garden but the opportunity never arose until recently. I had suggested it for my friend’s birthday and after she looked at the menu, we agreed upon it.

We got a bottle of Merlot for the table.

fries for the table


We got a couple of orders of fries for the table after we discovered you had to pay for bread. It’s not a lot– just $2– but the cheapness was ridiculous.  The fries were a bit salty but a few dunks in the aioli took care of that.

trout with green beans

pork chop with spaetzle


Quite a few people ordered the trout which I would have gotten but spied the pork chop came with spaetzle. Never one to pass up spaetzle, I got it as well as a side of Brussels sprouts. My chop was well cooked. I probably ate too much of it (read: all of it) but I didn’t want to take my leftovers home.

Brussels sprouts


I’ve had better Brussels sprouts, most recently at Freddy Smalls, but the table liked them.

There is an extensive wine list and the oyster specials for happy hour looked enticing enough to come back. Perhaps for a date. I did see large groups and the round communal table inside was interesting. Next time, I would sit outside though. The dining room doesn’t have any windows and I felt cut off from the world and the rest of the restaurant.


Sonoma Wine Garden at Santa Monica Place

395 Santa Monica Pl., Ste 300, Santa Monica, CA 90401 — (424) 214-4560
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