Eat Drink Love: A TV Show About Food People in LA

screen shot from Eat Drink Love

screen shot from Eat Drink Love

A couple of weeks ago, I went to the screening party for Eat Drink Love, a new show on Bravo about the food scene in Los Angeles. The show focuses on five women in the industry including publicist Brenda Urban, food writer Kat Odell, personal chef Nina Clemente, restaurant manager Jessica Miller and bakery owner Waylynn Lucas. I am familiar with all of them except for Nina. When I first heard about the show’s concept, there were a lot of rumors who was going to be on the show. Slowly, names were bandied about and even the name of the show changed a few times.

At the screening, I wondered how the world would react to the show– namely those not in the food biz or live in Los Angeles. Then I found myself at an event last summer where they were filming. I’ve been told that episode will not air– oh darn, no 15 minutes of fame for me! It was pretty interesting but again, I wondered if it would be of interest to anyone not in the industry or even in Los Angeles.

Some early articles I read were not kind. There’s a question whether this sets women in the industry back or not. Actually, some of the discussion started long before the show aired. Mainly how come the cast didn’t seem very diverse– not all women in LA are “blonde” (so they’re not all blonde but there’s some hand-waving dismissive gestures of “you know what I mean when I say blonde” when you mention that fact).

I would like to remind people this is a reality TV show. But is it really reality or cut and edited to create drama? And why does it seem like it’s focused more on their love lives than food? I informally surveyed food writer pals and most admitted to watching at least the first episode. There seems to be an intense scrutiny on a couple of show themes: Kat’s “flirty” ways and Waylnn’s defense on why she doesn’t want to date a chef. Everyone loves Brenda. I haven’t gotten many comments on the others.

As a food writer, it is not uncommon to work with publicists. I receive daily emails regarding new openings, recipes, invitations and menu changes. I got to know Brenda before she filmed the show and I think she portrays herself honestly on TV. She’s funny and quite smart about the food scene here.

screening party at Plan Check

screening party at Plan Check


The party was held at Plan Check, one of the spots mentioned during the first episodes. We enjoyed plenty of food including Plan Check’s famous fried chicken — I may have eaten more than my fair share of pickled okra and pickles. They’re also known for their great burgers.

duck proscuitto - rocking everyone's palates

duck proscuitto – rocking everyone’s palates


The winner though was the duck proscuitto. This was a wonderful plate of cured meat that I pressed on everyone to try.

drinks from Matthew Biancaniello

drinks from Matthew Biancaniello


Drinks that night were done by garden to glass bar star Matthew Biancaniello who’s currently at Cliff’s Edge in Silver Lake on Wednesdays and the Victorian in Santa Monica on Thursdays. I tried his bitter melon infused vodka punch and was very surprised how much I liked it. It’s not the awful bitter melon my grandparents tried to make me eat (they thought it’s a great pimple cure). But also my taste does include more bitter foods (mmm, amari!).

Cheers to Kat Odell

Cheers to Kat Odell from Eater LA, one of the cast members


The second episode has the EDL crew over at the 2012 LA Food & Wine Festival. I haven’t seen the episode yet (Bravo, please put it online soon! I was out of town at a wedding).  But I did run into Brenda and Jessica at this year’s LAFW. I asked Brenda if people have started recognizing her since the show started. She said only at food events! Also, she apparently has a doppleganger on another of Bravo’s shows, LA Shrinks. I can’t wait for Brenda and Dr. Eris to get together for pics. It sounds like a time-space continuum moment might happen.

Kat is seated next to David Alan Bernahl, II one of the co-founders of Food & Wine.

cupcakes from Georgetown Cupcakes but where are the fonuts?

cupcakes from Georgetown Cupcakes but where are the fonuts?


I was a little bit surprised we had cupcakes from Georgetown Cupcakes at the screening party and not Fonuts. Where’s the love?

Oh! Check out their blogs. Such good stuff! Also, LA Weekly has been doing weekly recaps as well which is great since I didn’t watch the third episode since I was at LAFW (actually, I rarely watch TV in real time– Bravo, second request – put the eps online, please!).


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