West 3rd: Fonuts

1/2 dozen Fonuts - $18


At Taste of the Nation last July, everyone was buzzing about Fonuts, the baked doughnuts shop. I didn’t try any as I was skipping desserts and sweets that day. Sometime last Fall, the shop opened and I finally made it over there a couple of weeks ago. Walking in, I immediately admired the gray and yellow color scheme. I had picked these two colors as THE color scheme to work with when I was still teaching art. The shop was quiet because of the holidays but while I was there trying to decide, a woman came in and immediately ordered 2 blueberry Earl Grey fonuts. She said this was her favorite flavor. I hope so because I had bought one along with 5 others at the whopping price of $18 for a half dozen. Do I regret paying that much for “faux doughnuts?” Nah, but I have to say it’s going to be a rare treat for me much like all bakery items.

gluten free chocolate hazelnut


Trying to pick out 6 fonuts turned out to be harder than I anticipated. There were so many I wanted to try. If and when I do eat doughnuts I tend to go for the chocolate one covered with nuts so I got the gluten free chocolate hazelnut. It was much soften than I anticipated but still lovely and joyously chocolatey.

maple bacon


The other one I wanted was the maple bacon. The cake-y fonut was very dense and I think I should have heated this up as I didn’t really enjoy the cold bacon. Bacon should be sizzling hot.

red velvet


I much preferred the fonuts that were brightly colored. The red velvet was soft and coated with cream cheese. The blueberry Earl Grey ultimately became my favorite and I also liked the strawberry buttermilk. I will have to go back to try the lemon, rosemary olive oil and chorizo cheddar (though I suspect I might want to heat this one up as well).

a closer look at the salted caramel


The salted caramel was too dry. I would have preferred to see actual salt flakes as well. Still, great idea– baked doughnuts instead of fried. Some might scoff at “healthy” doughnuts but wait until they try the blueberry Earl Grey.


8104 W 3rd St., Los Angeles, CA 90048 – (323) 592-3075