Sexy Singles Holiday Soiree at Pink Taco

On Wednesday, sexy singles joined me for a holiday party at Pink Taco. While the Vixen wasn’t co-hosting, she was working my door and helping to facilitate the games. Everyone enjoyed a complimentary margarita and informal introductions were made before we got down to business- the games!

Big thanks for everyone who came out and special thanks to one that donated a very interesting bag of prizes. Perhaps some love connections were made and new couples will enjoy private screenings of certain DVDs or make use of flirty costumes. Thank you Pink Taco for the drinks!

Also thanks to Finer Things LA and Uncouth Gourmands for running contests for this event! Be sure to check out Finer Things LA’s Christmas Kegger tomorrow. They’re even having another contest so you can win tickets.

Stay tuned for the next Sexy Singles Soiree in February! It’s your turn to GET LUCKY!