Traveling Around Asia in LA, Part III

negi toro

Recently I informally  surveyed friends about discount codes like Blackboard Eats and special offers like Groupon. To my surprise, some preferred buying special offers. They have made a commitment and damnit, they were going to keep it.

hamachi sashimi with jalepeno

For  myself, I have bought some Bloomspot and Groupon offers but invariably I feel stressed I need to actually use them before they expire. I had a Bloomspot for Itacho that would expire in January but knowing how time flies, I went last week to use my offer. I had already paid $25 for a certificate good for $50. After some debate with friends, I find this is then difficult to explain to some people you have PAID some money and this is not just a coupon. This is why I prefer Blackboard Eats. I do try to use them whenever I can but if I don’t, then there’s no money lost. And there’s no awkward conversation with people trying to explain you have actually put up some money and would like the others to “buy” into it.

ground pork with green garlic

For this reason, I carefully chose my dining partner and we set off to Itacho. We ordered a ton of food and then instead of getting her to buy into my Groupon, I had her pay the tip. It may not have been entirely even but this was easier than advanced restaurant math. Besides, I know we’ll make it up along the way.

trio of crispy sushi

All our food started arriving at once. Itacho serves both sushi and small plates. I found the fish for the sushi to be fresh but didn’t like their rice. It was rather cold and hard. When I asked for a bowl of rice to go with the ground pork and green garlic dish, the rice was only marginally better.

miso eggplant

shishito peppers

fried tofu and eggplant

I actually thought the shishito peppers was a bit of a rip. Normally it comes with shaved bonito flakes and these plain ones tasted burnt. I’m surprised this dish wasn’t garnished in some sort of way considering the abundance of sesame seeds on the miso eggplant.

The fried tofu was fine.


As mentioned, the sushi was the best part. The negi toro rolls were simple and good. The hamachi was very overpriced but I liked the fresh tang of yuzu and bite of jalepeno. The crispy sushi is something I don’t usually order but secretly enjoy now and then. The trio was fine. And finally we got Spanish mackerel, blue fin tuna, salmon and uni. I didn’t have the uni but the other three were good (minus the rice).

I’d probably return to sit at the sushi bar only.


7311 Beverly Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90036