DTLA: Happy Hour at Mignon


A few weeks back during the Hot Bartender Crawl in DTLA, I may or may not have stumbled into Mignon looking for a bite to eat. They were closing up and we wound up back at The Gorbals. I had wanted to try the small wine bar when it first opened some 5 months ago being a fan of Bacaro but just managed to get to it a couple of weeks ago.

I loved the decor.  The white walls had outlines of flying ties and actual stiffened ties as well as light fixtures made from matte black clothes hangers.

I thought my Cote du Rhone was fine. My group seemed to be enjoying the whites more. I was tempted to go back and forth but decided to stick to my one glass. I had a long night ahead of me and I needed to pace myself.

pate de campagne

chicken liver crostini with red onion confit

proscuitto & melon


During happy hour, some of the small plates are $5 so we ordered all the small plates we could but opted to go with full sized sandwiches (half was $5 for happy hour but normally they are $8 for a full sandwich so actually you’re not really saving any money).

I found the pate de campagne hard to spread but that’s because the pate is apparently made with non-offal bits and actual meat. I liked the chicken liver crostini more. The bar wraps around and some of the food is prepped right in front of you. We could watch staff shave charcuterie at the bar.

proscuitto fig tartine

brie with jam


I don’t know what I imagined the tartine to be (ya know, maybe an actual tart?) but the proscuitto fig marscapone didn’t seem all that different from the crostini with brie and jam. Different toppings yes but both seem to be on a piece of toast. We liked the “tartine” more though due to the actual bits of fig.

mignon mac and cheese

Mignon is right. This mac and cheese came in a small dish. Tres mignon, tres petite. It was not however, tres bien. The mac and cheese lacked flavor. And if this dish is normally priced at $10, I would feel robbed. It’s a good thing we paid the happy hour price (still a bit of a grumble though).

tuna with fennel and orange


The sandwiches were the best of all the dishes we tried. I loved the light tuna with fennel and thinly-sliced orange but the Autostrada with salami, mortadella and proscuitto was insanely good.



128 E. Sixth Street

Los Angeles, CA 90014