Happy Hour: Bacaro LA

Bacaro LA

The Vixen and I checked out Bacaro on Monday for happy hour. Their wines by the glass are 1/2 off Mondays. Their plates are $5 for happy hour (normally about $7 a plate or 3 for $19).

Infinity Red

I decided to get the Infinity Red which was a blend of syrah and grenach. It was all right.


We were torn between the panini and the bruschetta. I’ve had the panini before so we decided to get the bruschetta. The Vixen didn’t want the white bean so we picked the garlic and tomato. The garlic turned out to be whole roasted garlic. Surprisingly, the cloves were sweet and I loved this one. The bruschetta was perfect, the tomatoes hinting at a wonderful summer tomato season.

cauliflower with chipotle sauce

I threw in the cauliflower when ordering because I love cauliflower. This dish turned out to be one of our favorites. The sauce was perfectly spicy without being overpowering but that bit of salad also helped temper the spice level.


We love scallops. Our serve said this came 2 to a plate (at $5, it was okay but no way would I pay $7 for two scallops!). These were good, I liked the smashed capers.


Our server said the burger was the most addicting. Well, if you love sauce, this one is the one for you. I thought it was over cooked since we asked for it to be medium-rare. I suppose that’s why they give you a lot of sauce, to make up for the moisture. To be fair, they were slammed this Monday with a huge party so I might actually order this again sans sauce.

bread pudding

And though there were a ton of people waiting for seats in this small spot, we were never rushed. To end our leisurely happy hour, we decided to get the bread pudding. It was so buttery! Not too sweet and the ice cream helped balanced everything out.

I really glad there’s this wine bar by USC but I suspect every grad student and professor is equally joyous judging by the patrons on Monday.

Bacaro LA

2308 S Union Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90007
(213) 748-7205