Minty Shenanigans

The Minty wasn’t just doing a Noodles FACE OFF on Saturday,  she was running all around the city.

Burger Continental

Beginning in the morning in Pasadena, I was checking out Burger Continental for their breakfast buffet. It was just after 10 and they close the buffet at 11 to get ready for their lunch buffet. Did I really consume that much meat in the morning? Yes, I did. After months of oatmeal and peanut butter, my stomach was wondering what the hell was going on. Burger Continental is Greek owned so there are some Greek touches such as kabobs for breakfast.

And yes, I had dessert for breakfast as well. I don’t even normally like baklava but this was perfect. Now I understand what people mean about flakey yet delicate layers. And there was just enough honey to keep it moist.

The best part about this buffet is it’s only $6.29 a person. I highly recommend getting there earlier so the food is fresher. On Sundays, they have bottomless champagne for a few dollars more.

Burger Continental

535 S Lake Ave
Pasadena, CA 91101
(626) 792-6634

I then went shopping, intending to make Easter baskets for the kids in my life. I meant to go to Target just up the street from Burger Continental but somehow missed it and decided to continue east until I reached my much preferred Target. But that one had one of the side streets closed and the traffic was backed up trying to even get in there. Um, are these kids getting anything then? I continued onto the mall and proceeded to shop, shop and shop. Oh, and I bought stuff for the kids including this adorable swim suit for a very special little girl.

Scorching Sun from NARS

While strolling through Nordstrom, a makeup artist asked if I wanted to do a 2-minute routine with NARS which happens to be my favorite makeup brand.  I was very happy to see her and she seemed shocked I was doing it. Probably because I was wearing nothing but SPF.  I explained to her that I do really colorful makeup normally.

Scorching Sun on me

She tried the Scorching Sun duo on my eyes that made me look straight out of a high fashion mag. Unfortunately, I didn’t think the look agreed with me. Burnt orange and red tones looked rather ugly on my skin tone but I did end up with Malibu, the multiple (I’ll use it as a cream blush)  I wanted and some mud mask which I think might actually work to even out my skin tone.

That two minutes turned into over half an hour as she put powder, 2 types of multiple, eyeshadow/ mascara, filled in my brows, lip gloss and put on a little illuminator. She admonished me to go out that night and to not take it off. Erm.

dirty martini at Smoke House

Of course, little did she know I was just going to do my Noodles FACE OFF. But I did end up grabbing a drink with a friend at the Smoke House.  I’m sure the locals who were still around appreciated my makeup. At least that’s what I’m telling myself.

Smoke House

4420 W Lakeside Dr
Burbank, CA 91505
(323) 849-3641

Patty Melt from Bob's Big Boy

We ended up going for late night eats at Bob’s Big Boy (as if I didn’t eat enough this day). As a kid, I loved their fried chicken but the last time I had it about a couple of years ago, I didn’t think it was any good. I figured this diner should have a better patty melt. I asked for grilled onions and I could barely tell it was in the sandwich. Still, nothing makes for a good night than booze and a greasy meal.

Bob’s Big Boy

4211 W Riverside Drive
Burbank, CA 91505
(818) 843-9334