Smoke House: Best Vegas-style Buffet in LA

Vegas is fun but now I know where to go for some decent buffet crab legs!

A couple of weeks ago, I checked out Burger Continental for their brunch buffet and it was absurdly good for the cheap price of less than $7. But I wondered where could I find a Vegas style buffet in LA?

I had gone to the Smoke House recently for drinks and saw they did buffet on Sundays. If you got there before 10:30, it was only $20 (and $25 after). I went last Sunday and probably was full after my first plate but it’s a buffet and I had to keep going to get my money’s worth (good thing I don’t eat buffet very often).

My first plate was seafood. Now, eating raw oysters at 10 a.m. may be off-putting to some but even my vegetarian BFF who was with me was impressed how I tackled the oysters, mussels, shrimp, ahi sashimi and crab legs. I would have been happy just eating the shrimp and crab legs but I went exploring.

I headed over to the carving station and picked up ham, turkey and roast beef. The ham and roast beef were tender and juicy. I could have done without the turkey but maybe trying to go all Thanksgiving at now 10:20 a.m. was overwhelming.

By now, I was feeling like I was missing vegetables. I filled up half a plate with salad and fruit but couldn’t resist getting a piece of fried chicken and one giant beef rib. I skipped the pasta, omelette and crepe stations. There were also some “Latin” food and I got a tamale and a couple of taquitos. The tamale wasn’t great but better than the ones I had during the tamale crawl.

The champagne was actually pretty good and it was unlimited as well as the OJ. I had a couple of chocolate dipped strawberries for dessert but they had a whole pastry section.

Smoke House

4420 W Lakeside Dr
Burbank, CA 91505

(323) 849-3641