Derrick’s: Jamaican me healthy crazy, mon

Before the cookie party at Bakelab, Anisha from Food is my Nish and I checked out Derrick’s Jamaican for lunch.

Derrick’s into “being healthy” with a full half page of statistics on the back of the menu including obesity numbers and the other half is a description of their mission to be healthy.

jerk wings

I’m not entirely sure how Jamaican food is healthy but I ordered the “healthy greens” just in case.  Oh, after the jerk chicken wings. I guess that balanced each other out?


I wasn’t really into the jerk wings. Anisha seemed to like them better than her grilled tilapia but the spices weren’t there for me. I did like my oxtail better. It was tender and the greens were great.

Derrick’s Jamaican

6806 La Tijera Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90045-1905
(310) 641-7572