Tar Pit: It didn’t burn down

A couple of weeks ago, there was a very real fear among LA foodies. Tar Pit was burning down!

Oh wait, it didn’t. Unfortunately, it was a pizza place across the street that caught on fire. There didn’t seem to be any follow-up after that. Thoughts that ran through my head- do we not care for the pizza place across the street? There’s a pizza place across the street? What’s the name of it?

— turns out it was Verranzo’s Pizza.

In any case, last week, I went over to Tar Pit. This was my second time in which caused the friendly banter with the bartender.

“Is this your first time?”

Minty: “No, but is that what we’re talking about?”


We just had dinner next door at Cube but saved room for dessert at Tar Pit. My friend picked out the Bananas Fosters which I love. It was just as good as before.

Daisy de Martinique

I also tasted a couple of drinks from their new cocktails list. First I had the Daisy de Martinique, a nice balanced rum drink with chartreuse.

Brown Derby

One of my favorite cocktails is the Brown Derby but the best version I’ve had of it is at the Association because they add Benedictine to the bourbon, grapefruit and honey cocktail. Tar Pit’s was classic and good.

I’m really glad this place didn’t burn down.

Tar Pit

609 N. La Brea Ave
Los Angeles, 90036