Grilled Cheese Night at Campanile

Daisy de Martinique

Last Thursday, two friends took me to Campanile for a belated birthday dinner. Thursdays are grilled cheese nights. They both got grilled cheese and I ended up with a crab roll though I really thought it’d be a grilled cheese sandwich with crab in it. I started with the Daisy de Martinique cocktail. I first had this particular drink at Tar Pit. It’s the only TP drink on the Campanile menu. It wasn’t quite the same though. It wasn’t served in a cocktail glass (though I appreciated its size for a $12 cocktail) and it was a little more on the sweeter side.

beer battered fried squash blossoms

melon and cucumber

I have noticed Campanile loves to add salad to their plates. I appreciated this because for some reason I am a rabbit at heart and can eat a lot of lettuce. However, the ones with the squash blossoms were a bit oily. I suppose I treated it like a very oily vinaigrette then.

croque madame

croque monsiuer

My friends enjoyed their grilled cheeses.

crab roll

When I first went to Grilled Cheese Night at Campanile, I had this whole soft-shell crab open-faced grilled cheese. It was amazing and still my favorite soft shell crab. I didn’t see anything like that and opted for the crab roll…which turned out to be really a crab roll! I thought there would be some grilled cheese action going on.

chocolate flourless cake

nectarine tarte

We ended the evening with two desserts; a chocolate flourless cake (something of a dying menu item) and a nectarine tarte. The cake was a bit too sweet (since when can chocolate be too sweet?) but I loved the tarte. It was the perfect end of the meal and with a bit of a wistful goodbye to summer stone fruit.


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