From Artist Studio to Bakelab

On Saturday, I celebrated National Chocolate Chip day at Laurel Avenue Bakery also known as Bakelab, a bakery that specializes in online orders. You can also buy their baked goods at selected locations around Los Angeles. Or catch them at Eat My Blog next month.

Besides chocolate chip cookies, we had oatmeal raisin, peanut butter sandwich, ginger molasses and lemon sugar. We learned that the peanut butter, ginger molasses and lemon sugar were double-rolled in sugar creating a seal of sweetness and a delicious crispy exterior. My favorite was the peanut butter sandwich which is two small peanut butter cookies with a thin layer of peanut butter.

I later took home a chocolate chip cookie for the gay boyfriend and he said it was completely different from any other chocolate chip cookie he’s ever had. I suspect it’s because of the soft center–a soft gooey center, the perfect chocolate chip cookie.

chocolate and vanilla cupcakes


Kristin Feuer who owns Bakelab describes herself as an artist and baking is her artform. I really got that. As an artist myself, I think your art may not necessary be have to be painting or sculpture. At one point, I was describing myself as a multi-media artist. Now, it’s taken on a different meaning. Sometimes I think of my blog as my expression of my art.

When I was teaching art, people would always ask me how did I come up with my ideas.  Well, basically it was a lot of time “arting it up” as I would say. Just hours of playing. That’s what I think the Bakelab is. A place to experiment. To find out the why to the how.

I have baked cookies exactly once. It was a holiday cookie party. I never wanted to bake before because it involved something called measuring. It was a science. I never thought of it as an artform though. I am not sure why when it so obviously is. Anyone can make cookies, even me. But only some can bake really great cookies.

For a longer and more in-depth video, check it out here.

I learned a lot of great tips that day but I think I’ll leave the baking to the professionals. For the month of May, you can order a box of their chewy chocolate chip cookies for only $20!