San Francisco Desserts

During my four-day trip last week to San Francisco, the city by the Bay, I hit up what seemed like an innumerable amount of bakeries, ice cream shops and chocolate retailers. By the second day, I didn’t want any more sweets but I was a trooper. Only my sweet tooth was harmed. I think it has been irreparably damaged.  I started saying I didn’t want to eat dessert or sweets any more.

macarons from Paulette

Walking by Paulette in Hayes Valley, I made a beeline inside to check out the pretty colored macarons. I picked out the Earl Grey (green) and lychee (peach). Carina opted for the passionfruit (pink). These were slightly chewy and not as flakey as I liked. On the website, it mentions they are made daily at the Beverly Hills shop. I few all the way to SF to have macarons from LA?

Paulette Macarons

437 Hayes Street
San Francisco, CA 94102-4308
(415) 864-2400

chocolates from Christopher Elbow

The most interesting thing we learned about chocolatier Christopher Elbow is there are only two locations, one in Kansas City, MO where the chocolates are made and this store in Hayes Valley in San Francisco. Hm, again I’m finding stuff not made in the city!

Christopher Elbow

401 Hayes Street
San Francisco, CA 94102
(415) 355-1105

cupcakes from Baked

We had gotten a recommendation for Umi Sushi in Potrero Hill. After lunch, we wandered around and encountered Baked. Everything looked delicious but the workers weren’t overly friendly. They didn’t seem very interested when I said their fruit tarts looked amazing or was tittering about their brownies. I usually don’t purchase from non-interested vendors but their cupcakes were so unusually frosted, I couldn’t resist the chocolate with mocha buttercream. Carina had the red velvet. I should have gone with my instinct. I wasted calories on a cupcake bordering on dry. The frosting was fine but a bit hard and since I didn’t want that much frosting, I ended up tossing most of it after having one “petal” from the frosting “flower.”


1415 18th St

San Francisco, CA 94107
(415) 826-9455

Mexican wedding cookie, lemon bar and brown butter cookie from Tartine

I’ve been hearing about Tartine Bakery for what seemed like forever. I got really excited when I was at Bakelab and they mentioned their awesome cupcakes were based on a Tartine recipe. I didn’t see any the day I went and settled for a Mexican wedding cooking, lemon bar and brown butter cookie. The cookies were way too dry. I liked the lemon bar with the addition of nuts in the bottom crust. It did get a bit too sweet though with the powdered sugar.

berry bread pudding from Tartine

Carina picked the better dessert this day. The nectarine and berry bread pudding was as amazing as it looked.


600 Guerrero Street
San Francisco, CA 94110-1528
(415) 487-2600

salted caramel and brown butter pecan ice cream from Bi-Rite Creamery

Bi-Rite, like Tartine, was a name that has been haunting me. I knew I had to try it at some point. Little did I know I would have to try it as soon as I ate three bites of a lemon bar from Tartine. It was around the corner and too convenient. I promised myself one flavor. But the small can get you two flavors. Win! Win? Loss of teeth.

I absolutely loved my flavors; the salted caramel and brown butter pecan went so well together. Carina had the melon with cayenne popsicle which I didn’t try as I’m allergic to honeydew.

Bi-Rite Creamery

3692 18th St

San Francisco, CA 94110

(415) 626-5600

I do food crawls, battles and face offs all the time. I couldn’t leave SF without trying the other leading contender of ice cream slinging, Humphrey Slocombe. Before arriving, my general impression was Bi-Rite was the traditional favorite and Humphrey Slocombe was this hipster-y fave and newcomer. Right before I left for the airport, we stopped in the Mission to check out Humphrey Slocombe. I had a day off of sweets by this point and thought I could handle it.

peanut butter curry, balsamic caramel & Youngs Double Chocolate Stout ice cream from Humphrey Slocombe

It wasn’t a terribly hot day but it was warm and we sat outside. By the time I managed to snap a couple of pics of the ice cream, it had started to melt. Quick! Quickly! We must eat! My favorite was the balsamic caramel but the peanut butter curry was great. The stout flavor was fairly mild. I would have to actually have some of this beer to say if it was close to the actual flavor I remember. Overall, I could not decide if I liked Bi-rite or Humphrey Slocombe more.

But it’s ice cream. Win for all! Someone told me they went to Bi-Rite for the fruit flavors and Humphrey Slocombe for the more unusual flavors. Well, I had the more unusual flavors at both so I have to say they both were very good. Although, I think Thrifty (Rite-Aid to the kids) still has the best butter pecan of all time.

Humphrey Slocombe

2790 Harrison St

San Francisco, CA 94110

(415) 550-6971