SF: Craftsman & Wolves

Craftsman & Wolves

On my last San Francisco trip, I went to the new Craftsman & Wolves for a late lunch. I had heard it was best to go early in the day but I didn’t realize just how much I should have heeded that advice. They are best know perhaps for the “Rebel Within,” a muffin with an oozing egg yolk inside.

For lunch, I got a pork loin sandwich and my friend had their veggie sandwich which turned out to be a bunch of carrots and goat cheese.  They were kind enough to heat up the sandwiches but they weren’t very warm when we got them. We sat at the communal table and admired the art gallery aesthetic of the place.

pork loin sandwich

veggie sandwich

Needless to say my friend was still hungry and I was mildly so. She immediately got a tofu arepa from the nearby Maize Pica Pica Kitchen while I contented myself with a pastry from Tartine to tide me over until dinner.

The Devil Inside

I did wish they still had these foie gras* stuffed brownies named “The Devil Inside.” This pic is of a SF friend’s brownie he nabbed earlier in the day. Otherwise, Craftsman & Wolves did have some interesting pastries and even yogurt but we had a lot of eating to do in the next few days and we moved on with our Mission food crawl.

Craftsman & Wolves

746 Valencia St., San Francisco, CA 94110 — (415) 913-7713
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** foie gras was procured before the ban