SF: Brunch at Plow

Plow – smashing spuds for the crispy potatoes

We checked out Plow for brunch one morning. There was a tiny wait but we didn’t mind looking around the comfortable cafe trying to figure out what we wanted to order. I had my heart set on the Dungeness crab scramble but unfortunately they were out. I decided to order the Plow which comes with two eggs, two lemon ricotta pancakes, crispy potatoes and your choice of Nueske bacon, chicken apple sausage or house made pork sausage. I’ll let you guess what I chose. Of course I got the house made pork sausage. Aw yeah, pork baby!


fried egg sandwich


My friend got the fried egg sandwich and it looked really amazing. I would have probably added bacon to it though. I did experience food envy when I saw the guy next to us had gotten the roast pork sandwich. It really then made me feel bad about my pork sandwich from Craftsman & Wolves.

What we we really enjoyed about our meals were the crispy potatoes. Plow had trays and trays ready with potatoes. I watched the line smash them by hand then quickly heated them up with herbs before serving.

We also liked the lemon ricotta pancakes. They were moist and fluffy which is hard to pull off sometimes.

Plow plate


My breakfast was simple and basic but sometimes that’s all you want.  It’s better than your average greasy spoon as all the ingredients seem to be coming from this farm or another. If I ever return, I hope they have the Dugeness crab because I also want to try it with the corn soup!



1299 18th St., San Francisco, CA 94107 — (415) 821-7569
[note: Plow has a no cell phones policy though they didn’t seem to mind the picture taking.]
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