Corkbar: $2 Test Kitchen Tuesdays

On Tuesdays, Corkbar offers a small appetizer for $2 as part of their happy hour. You are limited to one per person. I had been going for lunch but thought this would be a great way to check it out in the evening.

After enjoying probably the best pinot noir I’ve had in a while the night before at Covell, I ordered a glass at Corkbar. It was unfortunately nowhere as good.  Happy Hour glasses are $8 a piece. I switched to the $6 white sangria. I really shouldn’t drink sangria. No one makes as good sangria as I do (this is not a boast, it’s true!).

$2 pork rillette

The rillette already came pre-slathered on toast points. I liked it well enough. Let’s face it, it’s $2. Some of my group did think it tasted more like tuna than pork.

Since we were only allowed one per person, we ended up ordering more food.

pulled pork bruschetta

I loved all the pulled pork but the thin toast could not support the weight of it and the addition of coleslaw. I hope they put a pulled pork sammie on the regular menu.

We were sitting at a funky table. Love it. But don’t put your glasses near the holes. It reminded me of the back of a corset.

cheddar cheese gourgeres

veggie sandwich

At Happy Hour, Corkbar offers $2 off their veggie sandwich and burgers. I’ve had the burger before and it’s good but very heavy. I opted for the veggie sandwich last week.

mac and cheese

I’m still going to do a mac and cheese crawl one day and this is definitely a contender. I like the bits of chili pepper in it.

banana bread pudding

I was at a wine tasting at Corkbar once and everyone raved about their bread pudding. I almost felt this was more cake than bread pudding. I loved the slightly spiced cream fraiche on it.

Will I come back for another $2 Test Kitchen Tuesday? Of course.


403 West 12th Street
Los Angeles, CA 90015
(213) 746-0050