SF: Anthony’s Cookies


Toffee chip & oatmeal raisin cookies from Anthony's Cookies


After some enormous tacos from La Taqueria, we headed over to Anthony’s Cookies for a sweet tidbit. I got the oatmeal raisin which was a cute little cookie. I had a taste of Carina‘s toffee chip which wasn’t too sweet. I like some sweets but not the teeth-rotting sort.

Anthony's Cookies Menu

Even though I was full, I contemplated ordering all the flavors. What kind of crazy person does that? Apparently someone on vacation who won’t easily get to Anthony’s Cookies again.

After we drove away, I really regretted not getting more cookies for the rest of the weekend. Especially since this SF trip wasn’t focused on sweets as much as last year’s.


Anthony’s Cookies

1417 Valencia St., San Francisco, CA 94110 – (415) 655-9834