Jane and Tarzan like Chicken Wings

Last Friday, I needed some time to unwind and catch up with some friends. One of them was craving FuRaiBo. I’ve been going to FuRaiBo for a few years now and almost everyone I know likes their chicken, specifically their chicken wings. They even have a whole page devoted to eating chicken wings which is unfortunately only in Japanese but it’s illustrated.

spinach with bacon


FuRaiBo is basically a small plates place. You drink and eat until you can’t anymore. Although I wouldn’t think of it as a izakaya (small plates) it has those elements. There are also cooked dishes, grilled skewered stuff and if you’re not into sharing, they have combos.

tofu soup

grilled chicken skin

For some reason, I thought the tofu soup would be different. Unfortunately, the broth didn’t have any flavor (WTD?- where’s the dashi). My friend insisted we get the grilled chicken skin which I didn’t eat any of but I’m sure she was secretly glad of that. More for her!


pork belly

halpen cheese

If there’s one thing in life I cannot cook correctly, it’s eggplant. So I tend to order it whenever I see it on the menu because I love it so much.

The pork belly was pretty good. It was on a bed of spinach. I bet it would have been great with rice. It reminded me of the pork belly dish I had a couple months back during the singles supper club.

My friends did most of the ordering and they insisted we get this thing called halpen cheese. It turned out to be a fish cake deep fried and stuffed with a creamy cheese. It was good but somewhat odd to me.

fish egg onigiri

grilled onigiri

FuRaiBo has several different onigiris. The rice balls are stuffed with different things like salmon or sour plum but I opted for the fish eggs.  Grilled takes much longer so be prepared for the wait.


ground chicken rice with quail egg

I was starting to get full. I could have stopped but the girls wanted more so we ordered the asparagus and ground chicken rice bowl. I didn’t take into account I was sharing with others so we still weren’t full– I blame the sake.

grilled tongue

kimchi sausage fried rice

I really had enough but gave in to an order of the grilled tongue and the kimchi sausage fried rice which turned out to be tiny pieces of kimchi and hot dog. I really should have ended earlier as while I love lengua tacos, grilled the lean tongue meat was not my fave. I also wanted the fried rice to have more kimchi and more spice.

Overall, excellent night and a nice way to end the week.


2068 Sawtelle Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90025

(310) 444-1432