West LA: Hainan Chicken at Furaibo Sawtelle

Hainan chicken


I’ve been going to Furaibo on Sawtelle for years. Recently I noticed they have expanded their menu to include Hainan chicken. Although this is Japanese Food week on The Minty, I had to highlight this Chinese dish.

The chicken was very tender and the rice was perfect. This isn’t much of a surprise for a chicken specialist restaurant.

chicken gizzards skewers


I also ordered a couple of skewers. The gizzards were huge! I also got the chicken meatball skewers (not shown).

sweet potato croquettes


My friend wanted the sweet potato croquettes. I don’t recommend “accidentally” putting the entire pat of butter in your mouth thinking it’s cheese (why would it be cheese?). And yet, the butter didn’t make much sense either. The croquettes were great on their own. Of course I’m not much of a sauce gal.

miso eggplant


Which meant the miso eggplant was a bit much for me. Although tender, the miso was thickly slathered on and on the sweeter side.

chicken wings


I couldn’t go to Furaibo and not order the wings.

eggplant and ground chicken


I saw ground chicken and had to go for the eggplant and soboro bowl. However this was very saucy. Get some plain white rice for this dish to soak up all the goodness.



I need my veggies so we got an order of spinach.

kimchi fried rice


Plain rice did I say? No, let’s get the kimchi fried rice which was pretty good. The kimchi was saltier than I liked but overall this meal was entirely satisfying. Particularly on the later side when there’s no wait!



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