Beverly Hills: Dinner at Crazy Fish

salmon hand roll


Today’s Japanese Food week lands us in Beverly Hills. I’ve driven by Crazy Fish many times over the years and always wondered about it.

The portions are huge and the sauces are delicate so while affordable, it doesn’t scream cheap sushi.

We had a few things including this salmon hand roll which you have to eat some salmon before you can even get to the rice and seaweed.

snow cone roll with spicy scallops


Crazy Fish is known for their “snow cone” rolls which are wrapped in cucumber rather than seaweed. This one is with spicy scallops.

salmon, squid and mackerel


Then we had some nice nigiri. I am not used to such big pieces. These are definitely a two, maybe even 3 bite sushi pieces. My favorite was the mackerel.

spicy scallops inside out roll


We had only ordered the snow cone roll but got the spicy scallops inside out roll by accident. They let us keep the roll while they worked on the snow cone roll. In this one, you can really taste the masago. I have to mention again how delicate the sauce is. No heavy mayo based spicy sauces here.

Crazy Fish is a neighborhood treasure.

Crazy Fish

9105 W Olympic Blvd., Beverly Hills, CA 90212  —   (310) 550-8547

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