Little Tokyo: Lunch at My Ramen Bar

My Ramen


It’s the last day of Japanese food week on The Minty!

I was on my way to get udon when I decided to pop into My Ramen Bar instead. I could already see the line forming outside my fave shop, Marugame Monzo, and I opted for a quickie lunch instead.

My Ramen Bar took over the short lived Manichi ramen. The menu is very similar and even has the curry fried chicken I loved so much.

Curry fried chicken bowl


I ordered the My Ramen special tonkotsu ramen which had both spicy miso and black garlic oil in the broth. I was a little disappointed it was essentially a couple of thin slices of pork (chashu), noodles, egg and those two flavors. I would have liked bamboo and seaweed. I did appreciate the bowl came with plenty of green onion and bean sprouts.

Noodle lift!


The bowl also came with a “special” egg which was indeed good. The yolk wasn’t over cooked.

As for the broth, I think perhaps it was a little much to have both tonkotsu, spicy miso and black garlic oil. I was very thirsty after! I’d be interested in the soy sauce ramen or the chicken ramen next time.

The bowl was overall very good with a nice bouncy noodle. I’m glad I got the curry fried chicken for more protein. And bonus, I ate the broth with the rice after. Gotta carbo load sometimes!

If the lines are too long at Daikokuya or Monzo, head over to My Ramen for a good bowl.

My Ramen Bar

321 1/4 E 1st St., Los Angeles, CA 90012  —  (213) 613-9888
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