SGV: Cantonese Dinner at China Bistro

crispy chicken

I had dinner at China Bistro with my family recently. China Bistro is located in Rosemead and had ample parking. There wasn’t a wait and I was confused. How is it there’s a Chinese restaurant in the San Gabriel Valley with easy parking and no wait? How’s the food?

Surprisingly good.


Westlake beef soup

There were seven of us so we ordered a number of dishes including soup.

We had the Westlake beef soup which is one of my childhood favorite soups. This one seemed to have more tofu than beef but that’s okay because…


shaken beef (pic by CT)


We also got shaken beef with very tender filet mignon. I did think it was funny the pieces were cut so small though.

Still, we had plenty of protein including the crispy skinned fried chicken (shown above). This may have been the table’s favorite dish.


honey walnut shrimp (pic by CT)


I felt this was a very old school Chinese American moment with the honey walnut shrimp. The sauce was everyone’s nightmare and secret delight. It’s made with mayo and honey sure… but did you know there’s also condensed milk? It’s a very high calorie meal. Plus those walnuts are sweetened. I did try one.. just for research purposes. Okay, I had two.. three?



Luckily we had a lot of veggies. The broccoli was very light on the garlic which was probably a good thing.

Taiwanese cauliflower


In the last few years I’ve seen this cauliflower coming from Taiwan. We got it with Chinese sausage. The table also liked this dish.

spicy pork chop


My second favorite dish was the spicy pork chop. The pieces were fried well and weren’t greasy at all.

lotus root with pork belly


While everyone enjoyed the lotus root, I found the pieces too mushy.

Eat everything with rice and you have a great dinner.

We did miss the lazy susan on the table and it felt a bit odd to be passing plates around. How very American of this China Bistro.


China Bistro

8310 Valley Blvd., Rosemead, CA 91770  —  (626) 307-9328
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