Sexy Singles Supper Club Kickoff!

Last night, an intimate group of us gathered for the first Sexy Singles Supper Club of 2010. We had fun at Ebisu, a fishing boat themed Japanese restaurant in Little Tokyo.

stewed pork belly

Almost everyone ordered pork belly to start. That little dab of yellow hot mustard hanging off to the side kicked it to a whole ‘nother level. I actually preferred it without though.


You know what they say about oysters…they get you in the [blank].

Well, they get you talking anyway. One of the oysters were actually conjoined oysters. Is it love? Or is it nature being weird?

empty conjoined oyster shells

Oh, to be an oyster in love.

cold tofu salad

I didn’t try this appetizer but it looked to me like an heirloom tomato salsa with tofu.

fried chicken

I thought the fried chicken looked pretty good. And I loved how the dish came with a bit of salt. I’m not sure it needed it but great presentation.

unagi bowl

We were chatting and getting to know each other better but of course had to talk about the food as well. This unagi don looked amazing. I think it was all unagi!

yose nabe

I’m kind of bummed my own soup pic didn’t come out as well. But it was piping hot and that’s steam that is making the pic blurry. Yeah, that’s what I’m telling myself. It was good though. Lots of fish and plenty of nappa cabbage. Naturally, I saved that enormous shrimp for last!

I originally wanted to get the ramen. Ebisu is owned by the same folks that own Daikokuya so I wanted to do a comparison taste test but then I was afraid it wouldn’t be as good so I got the yose nabe instead.

How did the singles feel about each other? Well, one reported they were happy to be out to meet new people.

Stay tuned for the Sexy Singles Soiree happening in April. Details coming soon!

Ebisu Japanese Tavern

356 E 2nd St
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(213) 613-1644