I Want Mo-Mo-Mo-Chica

counter action

One of my favorite spots is Natalie Peruvian. However, I’m always down to try something new. And I heard Mo-Chica was serving up “gourmet” Peruvian. Oh really, let’s go!

halibut ceviche

I visited on Friday for lunch and ordered the lamb shank but also shared the ceviche of the day and the causa of the day. The ceviche turned out to be halibut. The firm chunks of fish went well with the red onion slivers and nummy bits. I could have probably ate the large serving all by myself.

crab claw causa

The causa was love at first bite. The creamy potato with the crab claw was such a contrast in flavors and texture. Again, I had to stop myself from not eating it all.

daily dish-- halibut

My friends had things I would have probably ordered myself (I could hear my brain saying silently next time). Carina’s daily dish was more halibut in a sauce that could just be scraped up and eaten alone with rice. Wonderful!

arroz con mariscos

And then AK’s arroz con mariscos, a seafood rice dish that smelled of the sea and sunny days. I stole a bite or two and was very happy.

lamb shank

My dish could have been considered more appropriate for the evening but why have a sandwich when you can have a meal good for days? Of course, I ate every bit of it and didn’t have leftovers.

The lamb was falling-off-the-bone tender. And it was also braised in a sauce that I could just eat with rice. I loved the way it was presented as well.

Some would argue this is a strip mall joint but I think it’s a casual neighborhood eatery that should be recognized for its committment in using fresh and organic ingredients.


3655 S Grand Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90007
(213) 747-2141