Gays & Dolls

The Abbey

I’ve been to WeHo countless times and been in almost all the bars there (the gay boyfriend won’t let me go into Rage). It was a natural then to organize another bachelorette party without the bride through WeHo with my chicas (the dolls) and my gay passe. Gays & Dolls!

wild berry martini on the rocks

On Friday, we met up at the Abbey, the bar I call the the Grand Central Station of WeHo. I got myself a wild berry martini on the rocks. A drink I’ve been drinking for probably more than a decade. To be sure, of course I’ve tried others but I find myself going back to my trusty beverage with a load of fruit in it (definitely no inuendo here).

Mother Lode

I’ve never been fond of Mother Lode. With its cash only policy and slightly seedy character (friends often talk about the smell and warn everyone, including men away from the restrooms), I just don’t like it unless I’m out on the patio.

It’s a bit sad really because it could be a great bar. I like the music. The people aren’t necessarily your typical WeHo bar and I kind of like the quirky details. Sadly, there isn’t a friendly vibe though so away we went.

Fiesta Cantina

You know those cheesy fast food fish taco places? Fiesta is kind of like that but somehow better. Why? Oh, the people are great and I always have fun here. Over the years, the glasses have shrunk but we return over and over for the late-night happy hour. Plus, the rooftop is the place to be. Yes, it’s crazy but pushing your way to the front for the view is worth it. I always meet the most interesting people at Fiesta.


I originally intended to take the crew over to Eleven and Trunks but we were way behind schedule and opted to just end the night at Micky’s, one of my fave places to dance.

I was so upset when Micky’s caught on fire and then was closed for what seemed like an eternity. When it finally re-opened, I was interested to see what the club would look like. Well, it’s definitely much nicer. And now there’s a second floor. One of my favorite things to do is look down into the first floor bar from the second floor. Oh yes, it’s like watching the best ant farm with the bartenders busily moving about.

It was a great night! We talked about the next Gays & Dolls and keep May in mind for a crawl through Silver Lake!

Uncouth Gourmand’s take on the night.