Marcel’s Quantum Kitchen

Marcel Vigneron & Devon Espinosa, stars of Marcel's Quantum Kitchen

This past Tuesday, I went to a viewing party for Marcel’s Quantum Kitchen at the Abbey. The entire cast was there including Marcel Vigneron, Devon Espinosa, Jarrid Masse and Robyn Wilson. We watched Episode 5, the firemen episode.

I first met Marcel at his Hachi event at Breadbar in December of 2009. I had made reservations for the night way back in August only on the word he was a great chef. I had never been to the SLS (and still haven’t) and did not watch Top Chef when he competed. I asked then if he was a chef or a mad scientist. With his new show, I suppose he’s thought of as both.

MQK cast with friends at the Abbey

Later, I would learn the delicious cocktails that evening were the masterminded by Devon but I would not meet him until May of last year when I got a chance to preview the cocktails he was doing for Breadbar when they were doing the cocktailian version of Hatchi.

Coke spherification in Manhattan by Devon Espinosa

While the Abbey isn’t really my kind of bar anymore (craft cocktails), I still love it. For the last 15 years or so, I’ve been drinking the Wild Berry martini (on the rocks– it’s a bit too sweet so I like the ice). I ordered one on Tuesday for old time’s sake but ended up drinking Jameson later. I wonder what people would do if the MQK team took over the kitchen and bar? They recently redid the entire place (hurray, more restrooms!) so perhaps there’ll be a shift in the menu soon?

dragon's breath by Marcel Vigneron

On the first episode, Marcel did something he called Tiger’s Breath which reminded me of the dragon’s breath I had from him at that Hatchi dinner. It’s been cool watching the show and seeing the techniques.

I had a great time and look forward to watching what other challenges the team will face.

Marcel’s Quantum Kitchen is show on SyFy on Tuesdays at 10 p.m. (9 p.m. Central).

** top picture is from the Table 20 Top Bartender in LA party. I nominated Devon as one of LA’s best.