SLS Hotel: Cocktails and Dessert at the Bazaar

piggy at your service at the SLS


After dinner at Tres by Jose Andres, we hopped over to his other restaurant at the SLS Hotel, the Bazaar, for after-dinner cocktails and a second dessert. This was my fourth Jose Andres experience and although the chef is the common factor, none have been similar. I’ve also been to China Poblano and Jaleo in Las Vegas.

Magic Mojito

Cocktails are divided into several categories including specialty drinks, Jose’s Staff Libation Selections, SLS Classics and New Classics.

I was interested in the New Classics like the Liquid Cherry Manhattan with the cherry spherification. It reminded me of the Manhattan I had by Devon Espinosa at Marcel’s Hatchi pop-up but that wouldn’t be such a stretch considering Marcel used to work at the Bazaar.

olive oil ice cream

I was quite full so I only took a bite of the olive oil ice cream. The texture was akin to a brownie and not silky smooth. It wasn’t bad but not quite what I was expecting. I liked the fresh grapefruit that came with the dish.

Oakason and the Little Peach

One of my friends wanted something with vodka and the server pushed the peach drink on her. Oakason and the Little Peach (Oakason Japanese peach, pear vodka, St. Germain) was surprisingly not as sweet as I expected it to be but still not the sort of thing I like. Later we saw people with martini glasses of cotton candy. I wasn’t interested in the cotton candy but still, it was interesting to see the Magic Mojito cocktail poured onto it and the cotton candy instantly melt. We had to order a side of cotton candy for the photo and snackers.

Down to Earth


In the end, I decided on Down to Earth (Del Maguey mezcal, Cynar, lime, orange, agave-truffle bed). I was extremely curious to know what this agave-truffle bed was but turned out it was ice. I got the essence every time I moved the straw around. It was actually a fairly amazing cocktail.

By far this restaurant had the worst service. My friends were unhappy with our server and she could sense it. Before we knew it, we were left to practically fend for ourselves. I am usually inclined to sit at the bar for cocktails but my friends wanted that second dessert. If I do come back for a meal or dessert, I will stick to the appropriate meal hour. The Bazaar is cool to show your out-of-town guests to but for a watering hole, I rather go up the street to the Roger Room.


The Bazaar at the SLS Hotel

465 S La Cienega Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90048 — (310) 246-5567